Wedding in Poland – how to plan it while living abroad

Do you live abroad, but dream of getting married in Poland? This happens to be my specialty. For 15 years I have been a wedding guide, wedding planner for couples who want to say YES in Poland. Find out how to plan an international wedding in Poland.

A wedding in Poland? It would seem to be as simple as a piece of cake with the new technology available. If you’re reading this, however, you already know that it’s more difficult than you might think.

Do you live abroad, but would you like to get married in Poland? How do I go about it, so that the whole thing is coherent and months of work does not become a road through agony?

However, let’s start at the beginning.

As much as 90% of my couples live abroad, there is a reason why I specialized in organizing international weddings Poland. I myself organized my wedding remotely, so I know exactly what you need to feel safe and secure.

If you dream of getting married in Poland, it is likely that one of you is from Poland and it is those Polish roots that draw you here. Talking with my couples, more than once I heard the words “there is nothing like having fun in Poland, these traditions, emotions and celebrations – such feasts are not found everywhere, we want such an experience for us and for our guests”.

Wedding in Poland - how to plan it while living abroad | Bogna Bojanowska - wedding planner

Learn some practical tips on how to organize a wedding in Poland

  • concept

This is where it all starts, depending on your wedding vision, he adjusts the plan of action. At this stage think: how many guests you want to invite, what are your wedding priorities and what style of character you want your wedding to have in Poland

  • traditions

International weddings in Poland are a meeting of at least two cultures, think about which Polish traditions you would like to emphasize, and which partner, you would like to keep. The key to success is to create balance. However, this is, of course, the most difficult task to make everyone and you and the guests feel comfortable and pleasant at the event. In an international company at a wedding in Poland, we work even more and more intensively on the concept and scenario, here there is no room for faux pas.

  • timing

As a rule, when I organize an international wedding in Poland, I recommend longer than one-day celebrations. If you yourself are coming from the other side of the world, or your guests are coming from far away, it is worth spreading out the festivities over several days and enjoying your presence longer. In my experience as a wedding planner, this is often the guests’ first trip to Poland and they combine this time with visiting and exploring a country that is new to them.

      Wedding in Poland - how to plan it while living abroad | Bogna Bojanowska - wedding planner
      • budget

      Unless you’ve lived in Poland for a long time, it’s worth getting to know the Polish wedding market up close.

      My experience as a wedding planner shows that wedding forw or information from aunties is not always the best source of information.

      I can confidently say that today’s wedding budget we can convert to 1000-1500 zlotys per guest. The calculations are therefore simple. If you are dreaming of an elegant wedding in Poland, multiply the number of guests by the averaged amount, and you will get the result.

      Of course, later choices, it is a matter of your priorities.

            • organizing a wedding in Poland

            In order to organize a wedding you need an average of 250 man-hours, at the beginning of the work, work out a schedule, it will be your help and signpost. Also remember to have all the arrangements written down on the email, the contract and orders are 100% confirmation of the commitment.

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              If you don’t feel up to planning a wedding in Poland on your own, take advantage of my knowledge and experience. I have been supporting couples in realizing their wedding vision for 15 years.

              I speak French and English. I lived in Paris for 10 years, I am no stranger to other cultures, I know how to bring people together, how to find a balance between traditions and cultures. I have numerous proprietary tools that will be your support and assistance throughout the wedding planning process with a wedding consultant.

              However, I never take the fun out of it for you, I merely serve as a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas, and you always have the final say on every topic.

              Organizing a wedding in Poland is a safe and smooth operation. I’m flexible, my clients live in such different time zones, I’m used to it. Your comfort is my priority!

              Make an appointment with me and see how I can help you with your international wedding in Poland.

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